Metalware's Wide Span product is our newest addition to the product line.

  Wide Span
     For multiple applications: File storage, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Automotive and more.  

Shelves are available in wood, steel or wire mesh. Allowing for flexibility of uses and prices.

  Efficiency; adaptability is key, if you need to change the configuration, using the shelf clips this is an easy job.  
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  File Storage        

Wide Span is a highly cost effective means of storing larger bulkier items that may not be suited for industrial Metalware shelving. Posts are made of 14 gauge steel and are available in a variety of heights from 4' high to 12' high and you also have the option of splicing them together to create a mezzanine.

A variety of depths are available to you to meet your storage needs. We offer the units in 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", 36" & 48"

Width available to accomodate your capacity and size needs are: 48", 60", 72", 84" & 96".


Assembly is very easy for the Wide Span products. A rubber mallet is recommended to secure the frame connectors into the posts and to lock the beams into the posts.

Beams are adjustable on 2" centers and the frame connectors do not interfere with the installation location of the beams, therefore the adjustability of the height of the shelves is easy.


  Wide Span assembly  
  Wide span exploded  

As you can see by the image shown to the left, there are very few components to the wide span product.


This allows for quick assembly and low cost. Perfect for your needs.





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Wide Span

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