Pallet racking is used for larger items to be stored in an efficient and safe way.

     With a wide variety of sizes and capacities available, pallet racking can be used to meet your storage needs. Whether it be for a small storage warehouse or a large distribution center.  

Using a lift truck to load and unload the pallets allow you to store the heavier items in this system.





Contact us with your sizes needed and capacities required and we can help you to layout and price the warehouse racking you need.


Main Components of pallet racking :


Uprights: With base plate, they are available in multiple dimensions and span capacity.


Beams: Several profiles and dimensions are available, depending on the contemplated layout and needs you have. Choices between Box Beam, Step Beam and Structural beams.


Connector brackets: With an ultimate 6 points hookup, to prevent any rotation of the connector inside the column.

  Racking components  




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